Letter from Lani Lee


Most of you know me through my work as a photographer and may have caught bits and pieces of my life through my social media. Although my adult life has been a slow dance with my physical health and mobility I have always been able to shoot and create a life I truly love.

Since June of 2018 I have been mainly bound to my home and unable to meet the physical requirements of photography. I am just starting to find new and old avenues for my creative brain to work, play, and release: including, directing, producing, teaching, and letting someone else hold the camera!

In an attempt to stay close to my first love (photography) I am starting this section to share the incredible journeys I have been on and some of the things I have learned along the way. (Most of the content will not be new, but will be previously unreleased and new to you!)

I am excited about starting this new phase but sometimes I just need to be off the grid. I am getting more comfortable as time passes with sharing my health issues with you in hopes that it might help someone or just remind you that nothing I have created has come from perfect circumstances. We all have challenges that push us and scare the shit out of us sometimes. We are all fucked up.

Keep pushing… I am with you!

Lani Lee

The same human bullshit that makes life hard is the same frailty and non permanence that makes our lives so precious.