wait…😳 I can get someone to help me start my freelance/photography business?

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Shooting for over 15 years for clients like Playboy, Maxim, Nylon, and Atlantic Records I have learned so much about the industry. I have made amazing relationships and most of all I have figured out a way to do what I love and be around those who inspire me the most all while keeping the bills paid.

Learn more about my journey while I share with you all the shit no one wants to tell you...
That’s just fear talking. There is more than enough for everyone.

I find myself ready to try something new and so I will be sharing more from behind the scenes, more tips about shooting, working with models, getting published, and marketing yourself to clients you actually want! I have a strong desire to mentor those who are serious and ready to take their work to the next level!

Learn how to actually run your photography business so it makes money and you stay happy and in the flow of your life. It will be hard work, but 100 percent worth it!

YOU are in charge and can design your life.


✨Lani Lee✨

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